About Us


My name is Jack Sinclair and this is my web site.

I started this web site with my Dad (Brendon) because we found these bike lifts and they’re so good we thought we could sell them.

We use them ourselves – we have 4 in our garage and they’re fantastic.

The reason I want to make some money is because I want to be a pilot.  I’m currently having lessons to get my private pilot’s license.

The lessons are really expensive so I came up with this idea to sell the bike lifts to help pay for my lessons (Dad said “Jack, get a job”!).

The bike lifts are really good, so I’m happy that we can sell such a good product and pay for my flying lessons.

So thank you if you buy one.

What Else About Me?

I cycled across Australia with my Dad in September 2008.  Here’s the web site:


long-straightThis is me after cycling Australia’s longest, straightest bit of road
(we had a massive tailwind and covered 260 kms for the day!)

We raised some money for charity.  I am the youngest person to ever cycle across Australia (I was 15 when we did it).

I’m 16 now.  We live on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

If you email us or call us (07 5535 1967) , you might get Dad (his name is Brendon) answering because he works on his computer all day for his main business.

Thank you

Jack Sinclair