Garage Storage Ideas – Use Unused Space!

Bike Lift Ceiling Mount – More Space, Less Bike Damage

Hello Fellow Cyclists,
… or that could be Fellow Messy Garage Friend!

Like many families with bike riders we have a few bikes – 9 in total for 5 people, including 3 racing bikes (I’m a Trek man mostly) that are worth more than my car!

My wife rarely rides her bike, my daughter just once or twice a month and on it goes. 9 bikes take up a lot of room in our garage – room that could be far better utilized.

In a cluttered garage there are always things falling over – and the last thing I want is damage to our carbon bikes and the expensive wheels!

Easy To Set Up, Simple To Use

When searching for the best solution to easily store the bikes I knew I wanted something that did a few things:

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Really did store the bike and free up space
  • Kept the bike safe from damage
  • Is 100% safe

After a lot of trial and error, along with a ton of searching I finally came up with the best way to safely and easily store bikes in our garage: the Bike Lift Ceiling Mount.

Brilliant Garage Storage Idea

This is, I have no doubt, the absolute best way to store your bike for 2 great reasons:

  1. it uses space you normally couldn’t use AND
  2. it keeps your bike 100% safe and out of harms way.

(Note: One of my customers emailed with another solid benefit – seems that thieves broke into his garage and stole the bike sitting against the wall.
I guess they didn’t look up, because they took off on the $50 bike and left the $3,000 Cervelo.)

Ingenious Design Lightens Load, Locks Bike In Place

The Bike Lift has been specially engineered to lift even heavy bikes with ease – each pull of the rope and the bike is safely locked in place.

Yep, that’s my 15 year old son in the video above hoisting the bike to the ceiling – as you can see it’s incredibly simple and quick. Letting the bike down is just as easy because of the innovative locking mechanism which makes it impossible to lose control of the bike as it gets lowered.

You Can’t Go Wrong

And the solid steel construction means the lift has a capacity of a 50lb bike (I don’t think there is such a thing as a 50lb bike!).

The smart locking mechanism prevents accidental release.

Simple Set Up In Minutes

The Bike Lift is a very simple assembly and installation with the provided hardware – full instructions come with the Lift and you’ll find plenty more installation tips here (it is a very simple job).

Great Construction = Great Warranty

The Bike Lift is so simple to set up, so easy to use and so strongly built that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty! Nothing could be easier.

Great Garage Storage Idea

Like I say, this is the best bike storage system available bar none and I strongly recommend it.

If you do visit our secure checkout page and purchase the Bike Lift for just $39.95 you will join the thousands of delighted buyers of a brilliantly designed and manufactured bike storage system. You can also check out what happy customers have been saying here.

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P.S: We work hard to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum – we’ll rush your Bike Lift Ceiling Mount to you for just $5.95 postage and handling.

P.P.S: If you buy 2 or more of these space saving Bike Lifts (posted to the same address in the USA or Canada) then postage is free!