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I have a really high ceiling – how long is the rope?

The rope is a very long 48 feet!

How close to the ceiling does the bike get?

The bike gets 10 inches away from the ceiling (that’s the height of the bracket and the hook hanging down).

Will my bike fit above my car?

Good question.  Measure:

  1. Ceiling height
  2. Bike height
  3. Car height

Ceiling height – (bike and car height combined) – 10 inches (being for the distance the bracket and hook hangs down).

If the answer is more than 1 then you’re right!

As an example, my garage ceiling height is 127 inches.

My car (a medium sedan) is 55 inches high.

My bike is 39 inches high.

127 – 94 inches (that’s car and bike height combined – 10 inches (bracket and hook) = 23 inches spare.


What is the most important thing to do when installing the Bike Lift?

Ensure that the 2 pieces of the Bike Lift assembly are screwed into ceiling joists (beams) rather than just the plasterboard.

That way they’ll easily support your bike.

What’s the maximum safe weight that the Bike Lift can hold?

Of course, nobody wants a bike to fall on their head! It may make an interesting story when someone asks you where the bruise came from, but we’d like to avoid that! ;o)

The Bike Lift can safely hold a 50lb (22kg) bike.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bike that heavy these days.

My ceiling is sloped. Can I still use the hoist?

Yes, you can use the Bike Lift on a sloped ceiling just make sure that the front lift assembly with locking mechanism is at the highest point when you mount to the ceiling.

faqs-bl-smDoes the Bike Lift come with everything I’ll need for installation?

The Bike Lift comes with all hardware, screws, rope and instructions.

The only things you’ll need are a tape measure, Philips Head screwdriver, a ladder and perhaps a stud finder.


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